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Re: compromises we accept

Scott- One thing I failed to mention before is that the quattro has a better
driving feel than the 2WD card out there. We first recognize the different feel
and handling aspects to front & rear drive cars and then compare driving a quattro
(normal agressive street driving, not at the track). I personally prefer the
stability I feel in a quattro. Keep in mind that I have not driven an M3. I come
from SAAB and Audi FWD cars and Volvo turbos and an MB 450SL RWDs to compare.


QSHIPQ wrote:

> John writes he doesnt' accept:
> >"The tests don't show the documentation of awd over traction control.  Add
> >in good tires and driver skill, the awd advantage is compromised."
> >>I've experienced the quattro advantage too many times in the rain or snow
> >>to praise any "tests."
> I think you will find little empirical tests to back your claim.  Your
> experiences aside, and mine, the numbers don't put quattro advantage as high
> as it used to.  Tires and traction control affect the numbers, period.
> Regarding M3 in the rain, my experience has indicated that your conclusion may
> not be totally correct.  We must certainly admit that in chassis dynamics the
> M3 has some forces that awd is a compromise to total performance.  You say
> that is not your experience, I say it IS mine, me driving both cars back to
> back.  So documented.  And I own 3 audis too.
> Scott