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FS: Hi-mileage '92 100CSQW

For sale: Black w/gray leather 1992 100CSQ wagon.  Auto.  Fully loaded,
including third seat, and all stock except for dash-mounted Blaupunkpt
Miami single-play CD/AM/FM.  Fairly new Michelin MXV4 Energy tires. 
Well maintained.  Gets 24-25mpg hwy/21-22 city.  Tagged thru 11/99. 
Runs great, but is closing in on 205,000 miles.  Major repairs limited
to new fuel pump (115,000 miles), new radiator (178,000 miles).  Burns
some oil in around-town driving (probably needs new rings).  $4,000. 
Email serious inquiries to smullen@philly.infi.net