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Techron update

A while back I posted about the company that was selling Techron in
bulk, 6.19 each for a 20 ounce bottle but you have to buy 48 bottles (8
6-bottle crates).  After two more messages I got through to them.

Yes, they will sell to private parties.
Yes, they will ship regular UPS ground, no HazMat required.

However - the shipping to me works out to more than 40 bucks for
those eight cases and then you have to add on my cost to ship to you -
by the time you're through it's getting into the $8.00 range for a
20-ounce bottle.  


It's pretty tight - you're not talking about a lot of savings here, especially
when Imparts will sell you (according to their latest catalog), 12 bottles
for $8.59 apice.  

However, if you have $340 or so burning a hole in your pocket and you
have a lot of cars (lucky you!), it might be worth it to you to buy 48
bottles from them.  And then invite a bunch of Qlisters over for a big
barbecue and engine-cleaning session. ;-)


Best Wishes,