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Sports cars

Mike Miller wrote:

>My definition of a sports car is a vehicle with no rear seat (not >a 2+2),
>convertible top, wire wheels and requires at least 4 hours >every weekend
>tinkering to keep it going for another week. Audi does not >make one of

>mike miller
>proud former owner of true sports cars:
>67 Austin Healey 3000
>66 Sunbeam Alpine
>75 Fiat 124 spyder (almost qualifies:)

I agree, and paid those dues as well ('64,'67 E-Types, '67 Lotus Elan, '59

Audis aren't sports cars, which is great because what I needed was a real
world, daily driver replete with safety and comfort equipment,
dependability, and enough technological and engineering content to interest
the left half of the brain.  Additionally, Audi makes cars (sometimes) which
excel in real world driving conditions rather than sunny days at the track,
or idyllic Sunday excursions on Hwy 1.  They also have an understated cache
(Forbes said "reverse snobbery?") which appeals to me.

Brandon Hull
'91 CQ morphing slowly toward S2  (Real world _does_ mean a minimum of
go-stop ability)