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Another Carlisle VW/Audi Show in May (Central PA)

Hey All,
	I was getting work done on my car at Autohaus Harrisburg in PA today and
picked up a flyer on a VW Audi show in Carlisle PA on May 3. The show is
not the Carlisle Import Auto Show scheduled for two weeks later. This one
is called the South Mountain Bug Meet. It is at the South Mountain Dragway,
so drag racing will definitely be a feature with Cash prizes for new
records. There will also be a Car Show, Swap Meet, New PArts Vendors, Cars
for Sale, Queens in Jeans contest, Engine pull contest, and car push
contest. The flyer specifically said it was open to Audi stuff as well. The
funniest part is a Chili Cookoff sponsored by GASS (German Air Sucker
Society). For more show info call Bill Gundrum at (717)754-7209 or email
him at gundrum@pottsville.infi.net    . I  think I am gonna go, and
probably take the Corrado.