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Re: compare this what?

Makes me want to call Jerry Seinfeld and convince him to trade his A8 in for a
Yugo. Hey, it's all basic transportation right?


Michael Williams wrote:

> harrison decided to speak these words:
> >Yes, you could compare them based on luxury but remember that this is a US
> >car
> >enthusiast's magazine. They are going to get in a drive the living crap
> >out of
> >test cars. The real A8 buyer as I see them, get in, get comfy, and cruise
> >to the
> >office. This kind of person deserves the luxury comparison, but the mags will
> >always be that way. Unless you find a luxury only car mag. (?)
> You can compare Yugos based on performance, but what is the point?  Yugos
> are for basic transportation, not performance, just as these huge luxury
> sedans, outside of BMW at least are meant primarily for luxury.  Lets
> look at Rolls Royce.  It is a splendid luxury car, but apart from decent
> acceleration, does it perform?  NO.
> Go ahead and compare these cars on performance, but why?  That isnt what
> they are meant for.  When you compare performance, you open the door for
> comparison of them to a Ferrari, or Porsche, or Lotus, and these sedans
> will lose..
> later...
> Michael Sheridan Williams
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