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scott sez:
>Unfortunately, a somewhat more lofty matrix than my pentium can really crunch
>The variables are cf, suspension, wheelbase, cog, tires, slip ange rear, slip
>angle front, relative slip angle, throttle position.  Happy to have someone
>else figure out that model.
>Give me the model with all the variables that make it an event?  Well, let me
>say, I can't do it yet.

while attending an engineering software conference last week, i saw a
presentation of vehicle simulation software.  i am fairly certain the
software suite i saw demonstrated is sufficient to simulate this model.
the analyses were sophisticated enough to include kinoelastics of the
bushed suspension elements, for example.  they also talked about modeling
traction control devices, such as edl, so i'm sure torsen could be simulated.
i'm guessing the monthly license for enough software product to
model and analyse this would probably be in the $3-5000 range...


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