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Re: compare this what? (i'll take the bet - actual audi weights)

>Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998 21:37:15 -0500
>From: "Matt & Jenai" <matjen@xsite.net>
>>On 3/5/98 Michael Williams writes:
>>"My point is that no 4000 lb sedan, no matter the weight distribution, or
>>what not is going to be able to actually PERFORM.  Yeah, perhaps it can
>>do a 0-60 time in the 6 second range, maybe it can corner, but lets be
>>serious here.  Why would you want to have a car that heavy if you are
>>looking for performance...that makes no sense. "
>I would bet that every
>single car offered by Audi USA approaches 4000lbs except for the A4.  I
>wouldn't be surprised if the A4 2.8 is close to 3500lbs - a M3 is 3250 I
>think.  How can you say Audi is this great performance marquee when it
>doesn't even build a sport car. 

well matt, i'll take you up on your bet!!

the audi's are slimmer, and the bimmers fatter, than you think.  the a6 is a
lot lighter than you think (almost a4 weight), and the m3/540i heavier.  the a8
is also not at all bad, weight wise.  the actual numbers are (in descending
order of 'kerb' weight):

a8 4.2qs	1754kg, or 3859lb
540i:		1680kg, or 3696lb
rs2: 		1595kg, or 3509lb
a8 2.8		1560kg, or 3440lb
m3 (evo 1):	1520kg, or 3344lb
a6 2.8se	1423kg, or 3131lb
volvo 850t5:	1420kg, or 3124lb
a4 2.8q:	1400kg, or 3080lb
328i (e46):	1395kg, or 3069lb
ur-q 20v:	1395kg, or 3069lb
integrale:	1350kg, or 2970lb
a4 1.8t:	1237kg, or 2723lb

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q