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91 200TQ FS

Now I know why many of you lust for the 91 200TQ. I test drove a
sapphire blue 200 that was just traded in on a loaded 98 A6. The ex
owner left a folder with all maintenance records and even some reprints
of test reports from auto mags. I took a short drive down a two lane
highway and than hit the twisties and the car ran and handled beautifly.
The car was a new arrival so it hadn't been gone through by the service
department. The only blemish I could see was a deep scrach on the front
air dam, left side. Has original wheels, in excellent shape, with Dunlop
D60 a2 tires, and UFO's. The interior was like new with floor mats on
top of floor mats. I didn't check everyting out because I'm not really
in the market for a new car, but the power seats, sun roof, Bose, seat
heaters, gauges, and mirrors all work. The car has 107,000 mi., and I
think the records said the brakes were done at 93,000 mi. 
	The car is at Lakes Reigion VW/Audi in Laconia, N.H., 603 524-4717.
Usual disclaimers pertain.