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Re: '91 200TQ Colors

I must concur.
The first time I saw a pearl white V-8 I thought "I want one of those!".
Of course, they were brand new at the time and there's no way you can
buy one of those making $8 an hour. I didn't know that the 200 existed
or that the V-8 was auto (most of them anyway). Of course it's now a few
years later, I make more money and Audis of that vintage ('91) are
cheaper. I love my pearl white '91 200 tq. Bonus is that it comes with
stick shift. Ask Arun how my car looks with pw paint and A-8 wheels.

Mike Miller wrote:
> As far as I am concerned, the only color is Pearl.. :-)  I've seen dark blue
> (lago), red, black. I'm sure there are more.
> mike miller
> 91 Pearl 200q