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Road Rally in LaCrosse, WI on 4-18-98

Sports Car Club of La Crosse and Land O Lakes Region SCCA present
Yucatan Safari
A CENDIV Road Rally
April 18th, 1998

Registration 3-4pm @ The Pizza Doctors
7th and King in Downtown LaCrosse, WI

A map TSD rally of about 120 miles on the finest
unpaved roads in Houston County, MN by rallymaster
Mike Thompson.  The terrain is hilly and twisty.  
Speeds will be brisk and the last four legs will be
run after dark.  This rally is part of the SCCA Central
Division Road Rally Championship.

Entry Fee:
$15.00 for SCCA Members
$20.00 for Non SCCA Members

If you need more information about location, motels, etc.

Brett Corneliusen		mailto:afmoa@skypoint.com
VW/Audi owner			accountible for my own actions
Cendiv ProRally Page----->	http://www.skypoint.com/~afmoa