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Re: A couple other AWDs

My opinion of Subaru AWD cars is that they are boring and bumpy rides. The SVX is
another story, it's really too weird to be so expensive.  Reminds me of the old
Citroen/Maserati SM coupe (shudder).


Brooks Ellis wrote:

> I know I'm probably going to get flamed like a penguin on Thermite; but...
> How are the Subaru AWD Sedans? I haven't seen many at ALL, so I'm taking a
> stab in the dark that they were just here to meet rally quotas. I've heard
> of a "Impreza RS" or something, but know nothing about it. Someone in a
> rally group mentioned 'the dreaded RS', so I'm not sure if it's GOOD, or bad.
> Personally, for my 19th car, I'd like a SVX, retrofitted with a 6 speed
> manual, and twin turbos. And cut off the cup holders.
> haha.
> See ya kids,
> brooks