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air box failures?

     While attempting to change the air filter on my '87 5kSQ, a ten minute 
     service blossomed into a major headache.  I opened the air box and 
     removed the old filter and noticed some daylight coming through the 
     bottom of the air box.  After shouting a few explatives I surveyed the 
     damage.  The airbox was cracked in multiple places, all of which 
     couldn't be noticed from the outside unless you were looking for them. 
     Even though there were no large pieces of plastic missing, the box was 
     warped enough so that the cracks were opened up allowing grime to be 
     sucked into the box.  This car was in an accident not to long ago but 
     the front was not that heavily damaged in that area.  I went to get 
     the box off Huw Powells' '87 parts car and that air box was broken in 
     different places with big pieces of plastic missing, and that car did 
     not look like it had front end damage.  Any one else experience these 
     plastic boxes falling apart after 10 years?  The dealer price is 
     around $170 so I would rather get a used one, unless they're all 
     breaking do to age.  If anyone has a spare in good condition, please 
     contact me privatly.
     Patrick Kelly
     '87 5kSQ