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Re: Finally

>Finally.......my search ended yesterday at VW Gallery in Norwood MA.....
>I got my hands on a '91 90Q 20V...Pearl white, black leather.....107K
>....I was searching for a week, but twice in a row I was 1 day too late
>Now.......what are the possible modifications that can be done to the
>20V????.......I'm ready

Check out the 20V web page at
it is dedicated to 90/91 NA 20V q's.  Sign up for the mailing list, the BW
much more manageable than this "mother list".  Many of us have done
some upgrades and you'll find lots of good technical advice.  While it is
possible to squeeze a few more HP from this engine, and greatly improve the
handling and general sportiness, you will still suffer from some degree
of "turbo envy".  Some of the 20V listers have succumbed to this and are
attempting turbo conversions.  But you don't have to go to that extreme to
get a lot of enjoyment from these exceptional cars.  Congratulations!

Matt Rooke