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Re: ?

In a message dated 98-04-06 18:15:33 EDT, you write:

<< he compromises to the 540 are that it is heavy and is not the best 
 performer.  It just isnt.  You make compromises when you buy a sedan, it 
 is just simple physics.  And for a 1.8 liter engine, yeah, it has a lot 
 of potential.  Im not talking about stressing the hell out of it.  for 
 relatively cheap you can chip it and a couple other things and get a nice 
 performer, not the ultimate performer, but a decent one at least.
Ask audi about that.  And your warrantee too.  There are a lot of concerns
with 1.8tweeks, from the boys that built them.  You may want to compare the
540 to a whole plethora of perfomance machines.  You might be surprised.
Drive one, you aren't.

> outperforms....so the hell what?  Most people do not buy these cars for 
> ultimate performance.  When you get the cheapest car outperforming the 
> more expensive car in a difference that is only significant on the race 
> track, what is the point?  Come on, they all perform approximately the 
> same, and therefore, luxury cars should be judged on LUXURY. I dont 
> understnand why that is so hard to accept.
Apples to Apples sir.  Expectation level is high in the "luxury" market.  They
all perform NOT the same.  Someone is serious that 50/50 is a good thing,
right up to the creme.  And someone isn't.  So documented.  Tires?  Righteo.
Nope, tires just make for a feel.  Subjectively, you don't give that buyer as
much credit as I do.
> You cant compare it to pure performance cars, you just cant.  pure 
 >performance cars designed for performance and performance only will beat 
> these luxocruisers.
Drive the 540, then drive the M3.  Case in my point.  Drive a 944TS, drive a
911, case in my point.  Seat time Mike, you are not correct.

 >you got performance out of the S class?  What? Im interested to know, are 
> you just alking acceleration?  If so, that is only one part of 
> performance.  I have NEVER heard anyone before you right now say that the 
 >S500 can perform.  It doesnt corner, it doesnt handle, it just 
 >accelerates and cruises, which an argument can be made to include that in 
 >luxury, not necessarily performance.
Coupe does pretty well, performance and handling.  
> The neon from my last read, in the sport version, handles pretty damn 
 >well.  The 0-60 is not performance in the terms of what im talking about. 
 > And even then, there will always be a car that can outaccelerate any 
> sedan. Come on...everything is a compromise, and when you buy a sedan, 
> you compromise performance....
Hmm, get a read of the next M5.  You are right tho, may not be number 1.  My
last drive of the neon was fun, but please, so was my first drive of a fiesta.