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High Idle on a '84 Ur-q w/'88 MC Motor (WHY)

This past Saterday I had my Ur-q Inspected (NY State) and the technition
played with the screw on top of plenum.  This morning on the way to work all
of a sudden the idle crepted up to 3500RPM.  I checked the throttle cable and
it seems ok, the throttle closes all the way.  I turned the screw all the
closed and it brought the idle down to @2250RPM, but so far no less than that.
Any ideas on what is going on here.  First the clutch on my 5Ktq then the
linkage on the Ur-q and now the idle, what did I do to the Audi Gods to
deserve this all of a sudden.  Well the Gods have been very good to me for the
last 4 years so I guess my time is up. Thanks for your time.