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Supertrapp emergency!!!

     Do you have a box upstream of the 'trapp on the red 4kq, or is it 
     straight through? I'm going later today to get a 2.5" system and a 4" 
     SS 'trapp on my 4kq, and I'm wondering if it'll be too loud without a 
     glasspack or resonator upstream. I was hoping for 2.5" cat-back, with 
     just the 'trapp, but I drive this car every day and do _not_ want to 
     wonder "where's all the noise coming from? Oh, crap, it's ME!"
     What do you (Glen and list) think? FYI, I'm using the Supertrapp so I 
     can play with it to try for a little more power for auto-x. Hey, 1.2 
     more Hp would be a 27% increase!
     Please reply direct as I'm at work, blah, blah, blah...