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Dave writes:
>understanding the operation of the torsen, i'm sure you would disagree with
>quote "Because the front and the rear wheels are tied together through the
>driveline, hauling up on the handbrake slowed all four wheels and caused
>drift-snorting understeer"
>so why post something that is obviously wrong?
It's not wrong, it is EXACTLY correct and repeatable sir.  A torsen DOES NOT
freewheel on braking, it has a BR.  Check the paper out.  

I also had a discussion with a list member that indicated that a handbrake
with full throttle might work.  Might not, you have a lot of prediction there
with a possibility of a nonevent becoming one.  What also might work, IMO, is
a fwd EDL on the rear of the torsen equipped car.  On full throttle the rear
axle would be slowed by EDL to never exceeed the front axle speed.  No torque
transfer thru the turn.


Scott Justusson