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Re: Stereo Upgrade

yup, just did it on my '90 100. Hurt the wallet but hey, my feeling is
that it was worth it, since the stock radio went kaput. The rears are
6.5"s and the fronts are something like 4.75 or so.. the fronts are a
weird size so you may need "mods" to put aftermarkets. The rear tweets
I am not so sure about. I left them in and just wired them through the
rear speakers. The 2 12"'s take care of the lowend. But, if you plan to
do the work yourself, you may find it easier to mount the new rears on
the rear deck instead of trying to fit them down the hole, like I did
and end up cracking the fiberboard. My fronts are still stock, for now.
Got the high-end cassette player by Clarion (CD-changer from old 4k is
going in). 
	Overall, my suggestions: crossover the rears and get a decent sub. It
WILL fit on that rear shelf in the trunk (in a non-Q, I think). Wiring
is gonna be a pain so you may want to keep smaller gauge wires for
running along the doorsills and keep the bigger stuff near the amps. A
box makes a great place to mount the amps, cd-changers while at the
same time making everything easy to move if need be. Right now, I will
be able to remove all of the stuff in my trunk with three screws and a
quick tug. AND, there is no rattle (many hours of labor here). 

Good luck, it is possible!!  :)

90 100 (thumpin and bumpin)
93 90cs (Mom's)