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Audi's FS

Michael Williams <daserde@ucla.edu>, said in part,

>'89 Audi Quattro 90.  Red/Black? 79K miles, lthr, SR,
>seats, asking $9,988.  I don't know 90's well, but it has a

>fairly large red spoiler on the rear.  509.924.8598
>'86 Audi GT grey?  2 dr, 5spd, PS, PB, PL, PW, AM-FM-Cass,
>cruise, SR, AC  69K miles, asking $5,986  509.924.6900

>DAMN!!! I have to take my car up there and sell it....

>WOW!!! JEEZ!!!!

According to the Kelly Blue Book, the Suggested Retail for
the 90, as equipped, in Spokane or LA is $9,805. Close. The
KBB sets the Suggested Retail for the Audi GT in Spokane or
LA at $4,285.  Over-priced, but then as it is with any sales
deal, the operative word is "asking" price. Gregg