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Re: weight a minute

In a message dated 98-04-07 15:17:11 EDT, you write:

<< My point was, with everything the same i.e. tires, suspension, weight 
 distribution, driver etc (essentialy same car with some weights added 
 to keep the weight distribution and center of gravity the same).  
 Weight is an issue.  Don't you think?
 Later. >>
Everything the same, weight is an issue.  Reality dictates, that everything is
not the same.  Weight is a compromise, both ways.  Distribution of that weight
is less of one.  As is evidenced by the article that started this whole
discussion.  Finding cars under 3000lbs is not the norm (including the M3).
So, 'all things the same', given 3 standards from the mean to fall somewhere
between 3-400lbs, wouldn't 50/50 weight distribution be an 'easier' compromise
than actual weight?  The case in point with a 2900lb aluminum A8, and a steel
740 'only' 300lbs heavier.  Subjectively and objectively, it seems that
'distribution' beats the absolute number.  

Can we compromise distribution at the expense of the absolute?  Also the case
in point in the article.  Seems a lot of other things got compromised too.  

Your theoretical 'sameness' so noted.

Scott Justusson