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UK mailing lists

Hi all.

Thanks for a good list. However, living on the other side of the pond it
is impractical to buy parts/cars etc.

Is there a UK mailing list that anyone knows of or can point me in the
right direction?

By the way, on my way to work this evening, I turned my heater up and
smoke briefly poured out of the windscreen vents.  Should I be worried?

Thanks again.

87 CGT

PS What tire pressure is Ideal for my tires?

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	<< In who's opinion and "didn't take the porkers" in what?
	 It's all subjective.  You can't relay on others opinion when it
	 to physics.  Lighter is better.  
	 Not it is faster because of other criteria like drivers, tires,

	 brakes, driver comfort (very imprtant) etc.  Compare apples
with apples
	 i.e same tires, same brakes, same suspension hardness (relative
	 Martin Pajak >>
	No, compare supercars.  IN a shootout.  BTtt.  Driver comfort
and RX7tt is an
	oxymoron.  The best of the best, shootout.  The RX7 with all
it's gadgets came
	in second, and only 'by a nose to third', with a 1500lb weight
	Maybe other criteria is more important is my exact point.