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V8 Power Steering Pump

Hey Q-listers:

I have been trying to find out where this pesky oil leak that has been
causing some smoke from the exhaust on my V8 and I have finally
narrowed it down to the power steering pump.

Does anyone out there know if this pump can be re-sealed or does it
have to be replaced.  The reason that I ask is that one of the
receipts from the previous owner states to 're-seal PS pump', and I am
wondering what that means.  If it does have to be replaced, where is
my best source?

Thanks in advance for your help.  Please email direct to
Best Regards,

Douglas P. Glanz (dglanz@yahoo.com)

90 V8 Quattro, 129K
87 Alfa Milano Platinum, 67K (don't flame me if you haven't driven one)
83 Alfa Spider Veloce, 108K
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