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re:compare this what?(i'll take the be

Dave Eaton responds to me:
>>I would bet that every 
>>single car offered by Audi USA approaches 4000lbs except for the A4. I 
>>wouldn't be surprised if the A4 2.8 is close to 3500lbs - a M3 is 3250 
>>think. How can you say Audi is this great performance marquee when it 
>>doesn't even build a sport car. 
>well matt, i'll take you up on your bet!! 
>the audi's are slimmer, and the bimmers fatter, than you think. the a6 
>lot lighter than you think (almost a4 weight), and the m3/540i heavier. 
the a8 
>is also not at all bad, weight wise. the actual numbers are (in 
>order of 'kerb' weight): 
>a8 4.2qs 1754kg, or 3859lb 
>540i: 1680kg, or 3696lb 
>rs2: 1595kg, or 3509lb 
>a8 2.8 1560kg, or 3440lb 
>m3 (evo 1): 1520kg, or 3344lb 
>a6 2.8se 1423kg, or 3131lb 
>volvo 850t5: 1420kg, or 3124lb 
>a4 2.8q: 1400kg, or 3080lb 
>328i (e46): 1395kg, or 3069lb 
>ur-q 20v: 1395kg, or 3069lb 
>integrale: 1350kg, or 2970lb 
>a4 1.8t: 1237kg, or 2723lb

A6 2.8se=3131lb????? I wish. The US A6 is more like a 3800 pound behemoth
with a 9.7 sec. 0-60 time. Maybe they are lighter in Europe but certainly
not here. 

Vytautas Reipa

86 5kcst
87 5ks