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Re: Supertrapp emergency!!!

The obvious solution for James is to add the "k-24 muffler" to his 4kq
supertrap setup. Not only will it not be too loud, but he'll for sure
pick up that 1.2 hp he wants. :)
Maybe sometime I'll put one on my 4kq.

glen wrote:
> I run 2 1/2" cat-back into a totally open SS Trapp, no baffles and no center
> box, muffler or resonator of any type. It is loud, but 'too loud' is totally
> subjective. For me it's definitely too loud to commute in for 2.5-3 hours
> every day. Running around town and on the track it is perfect - a veritable
> cornucopia of I5 Audi-o symphony. Sounds far nicer than most other cars
> including V8s, IMFO. Fellow competitors often comment on how awesome
> the little red 4KQ sounds and many have offered the opinion that it is often
> 'the best sounding car here bar none". "You got a V8 in that thing?" is another
> frequent comment. Weekend warrior use - perfect - sole daily-driver - not exactly.....
> [the 85 ur-q with a virtually identical setup is just fine for long-commute
> daily-driver use with the addition of a "K24 muffler", the K24 makes a HUGE
> difference in noise level]