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Re: The why question

Sonar465 wrote:

> Just cause you like a BMW your not supose to be on this list?
> Jim
> '875Ktq
> '84Ur-q
> Would really like to own an old M3 and an old M5

Not at all what I said.  Let me rephrase, and Scott can back me up on
this.  BMW's are fine cars.  I have had many hours in both the 540 and
the M3.  I was very close to buying an M3 sedan last fall.  For whatever
reason, commoness of M3's the fact that MOST who own them don't have a
clue what a great car they have whatever the reason, I won't own one.
Maybe an 850Csi, but that's another fantasy.  I like Audi's, Mercedes,
Porsches, Jags, etc.  Having said this, I am second on  a list at my
dealer for an S4 when they make it here, behind my brother and ahead of
E.F.  The S4 will suit me better.  Drive what you love to drive, BMW's
are great cars, they are just not for me.

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