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Re: The why question

BTW, the newer M3's (ie '98's) are available with an auto tranny. Saw a
silver 4dr M3 auto at Sewickley Porsche/Audi/BMW in Pittsburgh last week
when I had the Audi in for service. The salesman said they have actually
sold a few M3 autos already. Sounds like a waste of a great car if you ask
me, and it even costs more! On the BMW bashing thread, I have no problem
with BMW's at all. I'd probably be driving a '92 525i 5sp right now if the
dealer had not sold the car out from underneath me. I know several people
with BMW's, ranging from a restored '74 2002 to a '88 735il and also '98 M3
(real M3, no auto here). Not one of these people has that "BMW attitude" we
all hear about. Yes, I am sure there are plenty of a#$holes out there
driving BMW's, but please don't place all BMW owners into that category.
Just my $.02.

'92 100S (70k)