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>Mag articles are written as written.  No problem.  Since we don't have access
>to the 3 series here yet, we may need to wait a minute before we totally
>accept your quotes Dave.  "Europe being different" and all.  Also so
>documented here by Autoweek.
>Subpar is that, we could blame the tires.  Or we could look at how weight
>distribution affect braking and weight transfer, braking accelerating and
>turning.  500# is a lot of extra balast sir. 

yup, you mean the new e46 is subpar as it can't beat a 4-year old a4...

btw, what is 500#?  is this how much more the 750 weighs over an a8 4.2q?

i also can't believe that you refuse to accept that tyres are a fundamental
component of a cars performance.  you being a 'track man' and all.  heck you
should be working for goodyear formula 1 pr scott.  they need people like

>You must be really bored.  Enjoy your vaca dude.  

bored? well my back aches, and due to the tail end of a tropical cyclone, my
surf ski is grounded, and due to general laziness, my running legs are getting
a rest, and i've finished another book.  but, hey, at least i'm not at work!

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q