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re: Subject: hydraulic accumulator

Sean:  If you mean the lower braided hose leading from the reservoir downward,
every '91 200q I've seen has shown some weeping here.  No big deal; wipe it
off with a rag and keep and eye on it.  I bet you don't see the weeping for a
while since you've replaced the hose clamp, if at all.  I've had my '91 for a
year and 22k miles, and my pentosin hasn't dropped at all.  Knock on zebrano
Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com
Can anyone tell me what the mode of failure is for the hydraulic
accumulator? I just noticed fluid dripping from where the hose attaches
that goes up to the reservoir. The hose clamp was bottomed out and not very
tight so I replaced, haven't drove car yet so don't know if that was the
Thanks for the help, Sean
'91 200 tq