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A quick note, to a few that find me to get cynical, snippy, pretencious,
criptic or just plain rude.  List cremudgeon here.

Nothing is personal, I enjoy quattros, beer and sharing experiences of both.
I laugh at myself first.  And claim nothing.  Question BS?  Always have.
Question claims?  Always have.  


Think of this the next time you want to send me the excommunication wishes.
Few will find me to be any of the above adjucated labels.

My mailbox floods daily, I try to get to them all, the ones with thought and
objectiveness and humor first, the others in order of ...  well, er, something
(depends of coffee and other nontangibles).  When I spend that much time on
the good ones, the others may get the criptic response.  So does old hash.

Just task.  Go to an event and have a beer with me, let's go for a ride (er,
ah, that's before the ride, right Phil?:).  You will find that I not only love
quattros, I might just lend you a hand in your quest for a better q or turn.

Back to programming.

Scott Justusson