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re: Programmable wiper relay part # question

quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk (Phil Payne) wrote:
In message <01bd62b0$87059ca0$2828c9cd@Niederst> "Craig D. Niederst"

... wipers ...

> 1HM-955-531-A
> 1HM-955-531-B
> 1HM-955-531-C
> 3B0-955-531
> Any of these look like the correct relay for a '92 100? Who has the best
> price on these relays? I believe I've seen an ad for the upgrade
> Wolfsport's page for about $30. Sound like a good price, or is there a
> better source? TIA.

3B0 955 531 works just fine in a 1988 ur-quattro and a 1986 Passat.<

Hey all,

What about an '86 Coupe GT?  I'd like to know.

I'm still unsubbed, but I get a phone tomorrow!  So I'll prolly sub 
sometime then.

This 20valve turbo conversion talk is more than a little distracting!

(oh yeah, since I'm unsubbed and all, please copy me directly if you have 
the proper relay p/n)