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Re: Weight a minute

> And NOT anything new.  This is really basic chassis dynamics.  I give BMW a
> lot more credit than audi for taking this seriously.  ON a 4300lb car.  Awd
> advantage?  With what compromises?

Remember the 325iX?  The car looked like it had a lift kit.
You can't have an AWD system like Audi's (with hollow output shaft) 
and not have a front end heavy car.  Otherwise you are running 
driveshafts through the oil pan and raising the car to avoid splitting the 
transfer case on a local speed bump.  If you compare those two Audi 90 
quattro and the BMW 325iX.  Which one has better chassis?  Which has 
a center of gravity closer to a Jeep?  I think Audi did not 
compromise as much as BMW in that case. They stoped making didn't 
they.  And do not quote any magazines becouse all of that is too subjective 
from the writers point of view. 


Martin Pajak

1982 Coupe TURBO (473,150 km)
1984 4000s quattro (soon to be a rally car)
1986 4000s quattro (326,000 km) 
1982 Coupe (154,000) parts car

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