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Re: factory radio

I think that the worst idea is using an Audi factory unit from the 80's. They
sound bad, are under powered, and play tapes slower than required. Please do
yourself a favor and go buy a Sony, Alpine, or brand of your choice. I personally
have a nice alpine unit, which is nice because the CD changer will fit on the
shelf under the steering column.


Jpdstudio wrote:

> I'd like to install an stock Audi radio from a bone yard in my '83 5000 from a
> '85 from a bone yard.  The unit has a red key graphic on the face plate.  I
> assume this is a theft deterrent.  Will this work?  Do I need to also get
> something from the '85 to make it work?  Or would it be easier to just go to
> my local stereo shop and buy a new unit?
> thanks
> Jeff Petersen