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'89 200tq - '95 S6 comparo

Hi Y'all,

If you aren't interested in the above subject hit delete now.

After a few days and >1K miles I have some very subjective comparisons
between my chipped (2.2+ bar) '89 200tq and my "new" '95 S6.

Amenities:  The '89 was and is a nice car.  The S6 is in yet another league
when it comes to amenities.

Radio:  Bose.  It sounds pretty good to my non-audiophile ears.  The CD
changer is great.  Load up a stack and listen to *my* choice of music
instead of some DJ's.

Acceleration:  The S6 has considerably greater "grunt" at low speed than
the 200.  The S6 feels a bit anemic after boost has done its magic on the
200.  The S6 is good but the 200 is better after boost has developed.  I
suspect it has something to do with 2.2 bar vs. 1.8 bar.  :-)

In my 200 I have never gotten more that a slight "chirp" out of the tires
(not that I try but unless you almost drop the clutch at about 5K rpms
there is no tire spinning).  Yesterday evening in DC I pulled a boy-racer
shenanigan.  I pulled out very hard to get across an oncoming line of
traffic.  There was adequate room but I needed to accelerate pretty
strongly.  I unintentionally smoked the tires.  That simply would not have
happened with the 200.

Boost:  You can feel the boost developing starting at about 2K rpms on the
S6.  Very little happens on the 200 until 3,500-4,000 or so.  Once it kicks
in it's "Katy bar the door!"  But before that the S6 is a clear winner.

Tautness:  The 200 doesn't have a lot of body roll or looseness but the S6
is *tight*.

Subjective evaluation #2:  My wife says "I love it."  I'm fortunate that
she is not one of these women who are afraid of a little well applied
power.  Hmmmm.  Perhaps I ought to think about that for a little longer.
If she isn't afraid maybe she'll be wanting to drive it all the time.  Hmmmm.

The S6 even has - get this - cup holders.  :-)

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