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using oem wires, but WITH relays, for euros?

I now have the euro head lights to go in my replacement 200 qw. I am not going 
to use the relay harness I made for the last set I had in because it is not 
quite as neat as I would like.  I have been perusing the Bently wiring 
diagrams, and it  looks like I could install relays in the two un-used relay 
positions in the fuse box, and with very little pulling off of certain wires 
and putting on of certain others, have the oem wires to the head lights running 
off relays. The relays would go before the fuses, so everything would be 
extremely neat. There  are a couple of 8 or 10 guage wires supplying power to 
the fuse box, and I would use the extra terminal on the power buss to supply 
the relays.

The only problem that I see is that the oem headlight wires are 1.5 mm dia, 
which translates into 14 guage. My books say that for 15 amps (180 watts), 14 
guage works up to 20'.  If each high beam is 100 watts + 55 watts, then I 
should be able to replace the 10 amp fuses for the high beams with 15 amp, and 
still be under the current capacity of the circuit by 25 watts.

Am I missing something, or should this work? Any thoughts, ideas?