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Re: C-GT A/C quest (and Bilstein report)

Robert Myers wrote:
> Also the A/C relay can go bad.  Furthermore, the relay *socket* on my '89
> went bad.  Try jumpering across the load connectors of the relay down
> inside the socket.  See if the compressor works then.  This is a whole lot
> less expensive to try and if it works, a whole lot less expensive to repair.
> At 03:59 PM 4/6/98 -0700, you wrote:
> >
> >So, I guess my next step is to just take it in to an A/C shop and have it 
> >looked at.  I fear that if it's a leak in the system that it will be 
> >costly and cumbersome to find and fix.  I only have about a month before 
> >I come to know a new meaning of the word "hot".  <tick, tock>

Hey all,

I just now sat down at my desk after having gone to the A/C shop.  They 
looked at it, and I'll be darned if they didn't convert it over to 134a 
right on the spot.

My A/C now blows cold.  I guess this guy's been doing it for a really long 
time, all the time.  The shop was really nice and clean, they sent another 
customer off without doing anything because his A/C was fine and they 
couldn't find a problem with it.  If it had a problem, it must have been 
intermittent.  Point is, a less scrupulous shop could have fibbed and made 
up a bunch of needs for the guy.  On the way out, the other customer 
mentioned that they had a good reputation.

I picked that place because they had a nice big ad in the yellow pages, 
the first one actually.

Total cost:  $113.76.

They said I had a small leak in my compressor (and that the York's are 
like that, being 12 years old and having 150k miles on it).  He said if it 
really goes out, he recommends replacing it with a Sanden unit, he does it 
all the time (along with the other stuff that should be replaced to go 
with the new system).

So, now when I have to get a "freon" fillup, it'll be cheaper.  Until I 
stop the leak I guess.

Next is window tint, and my brake booster replacement (any ideas on 
sourcing one?), and a tune up of sorts.


(let the 134a retrofit discussion begin!)  :-)