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Another search ended! (also '91 200qw FS)

It's a done deal!!!!! Dave Flagg has been unchained and released from my
(figurative) basement, and I drove home a '91 200q, Lago Blue/platinum, 98K
miles. That's miles on the odo, it was only 240 miles to get home. :)

Its got the front brake conversion, Audi phone and CD. Lotsa service
history from 2nd PO (who traded in a burgundy '91 200q with 40K to buy this
car with 40K (Audi Assured) in Jan '95. Must have _really_ not liked

Anyway, the car runs fine, I don't know how much of the exterior paintwork
is original, but it looks v. good and overall is in better condition than
my old black 200q. It was nice to finally meet qlister (and dealer) Dave
Flagg, who--bless his heart--managed  to turn up a nice car darn close to
the specifications (even color!) I posted as the "car of my dreams" a
couple of months ago. Missed on the sport seats, though.;-) I bought it 5
months to the day after my wreck and almost right on my birthday. Wouldn't
have happened without the qlist!

Oh, almost forgot to mention that as Dave and I were winding up our deal,
his son  rolled out on the lot a _very_ nice-looking '91 200q wagon,
pearl/grey sport seats (maybe it was black leather?), 102K miles I believe.
I took a very quick drive, and it seems to run well. Int. and ext. look
very clean, IMO. I believe he's asking $14.9K.  If interested, contact Dave
Flagg (<DFAUTOHAUS@aol.com). Usual disclaimers--and, sorry I don't live
close enough to offer any further inspection.

Phil Rose
'89 100
'91 200q (again) :)

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