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5KTQ ABS Fault

john sez:
>I have a problem with my 5ktq ABS system. When the car is started the ABS
>light comes on then goes out, am I correct that this is the self-diag? As soon
>as I exceed a couple of mph the light comes on. If I slow to a stop and press
>the ABS switch twice the ABS light goes out, only to come on again after speed
>exceeds couple mph. From other questions I checked the resistance on all four

sensors are likely out of adjustment.
a new set of plastic caps from the dealer ($5(or so)/set) will help the
adjustment.  with new caps, you push the sensor in until you hear the
teeth scraping plastic while the wheel turns, then tighten the clamping
bolt.  worst case is damaged teeth on the cvj or sensor is bad.  you can
check this by looking at the sensor signal output with an oscilloscope.


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