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Subject: Brake bleeder

I'm going to try ye olde brake bleede over the long weekend.  Funny this
came up now.

I have a spare plastic cap which I have already installed a valve stem
on, and as per Igor I found a pipe that has a nice tight fit around the
outside of the cap to prevent popping it off, so I'll just cut a piece
off it.  Thanks Igor. I also have one of the 200lb. air tanks that you
fill up at your local gas stop.  I was going to start at 20 lbs., but
again thanks to the list I'm a touch wiser. What I am thinking is that
if I run it down to between 5-10lbs., it has a lot of volume, this
should do me.  If not I've got some gear (wee 12 volt electric air pump
to fill basketballs, bike tires, you name it...I get the youngsters to
use this as it takes awhile and they get bored before popping their
tires which they have done with the tank) that I can use to pump it up
to specs. again.  What is a good way to close off the clutch feed hole
on the side of the reservoir?  Do you have to leave some air space on
top of the brake reservoir for compression (can't compress a fluid)?  As
I understand it with Audi's you start bleeding at the MC first, next to
the bleeder farthest away from the MC and move closer, no?

Any help appreciated.