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brake booster (servo) ordered

Well, I just ordered my new brake booster.

It seems like whenever I try to shop around for the best price, when I 
call The Parts Connection, they always have the best price.  If they don't 
they'll beat the others.

Everyone quoted $327-339 for it (Clair, GPR), TPC was $169!  (Linda was at 
lunch when I called)

Does anyone have any tips or hands on experience with changing out the 
booster?  How much mess are we talking?  I s'pose I need to get some tools 
together, like something to bleed the system.

Usually there are at least two ways to do something, the "official" way, 
and the "alternative" way.  Like in the "tranny bolt" method.  What kind 
of "alternative" methods are available for this process.

BTW, I think this was the first time I priced a pretty big component at 
the dealer.  Ha!  They wanted $477.  What's more is that labor is $87.50 
an hour.  Gulp!  Um, where's my Bentley? :-)  The other problem is that 
there are shops out there that "act like they know" and end up hacking 
your ride all up.  Like when I took my car in to have the tranny plug 
looked at for possible removal.  I had to really insist that they do not 
lift it up by the subframe (and the "subframe" to them was the sheet metal 
floor that looks like square tube kinda thing, not the real subframe, 
which would be bad enough).


I want a freakin' turbo motor!