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RE: Bilstein secrets revealed (5K owners only)

I had 3, yes three sets of Bilsteins on my Jetta, every 80K I had to replace
a set, (they would get really hard), Bilstein was nice enough to replace
them for free, but it was getting "old", first, I would have to order a
complete set (4) and pay with a credit card, than remove the old shocks,
send them to Bilstien (with all the appropriate receipts), and than I would
get a refund. Pretty costly operation, labor and alignment on each
job.....(of course I did it myself) but it was still a lot of hassle.
Good luck with your new set and watch for them "to get hard" not mushy as
other shocks do..

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> In my search for Bilsteins for the '85, '86, '87 5KTQ, no-one
> would reveal the
> part numbers for the shocks, since they arent't listed in the
> current Bilstein
> catalog.  But, I finally got the shocks, and here are those 'secret' part
> numbers:
> P36-0369 Front
> B46-1573 Rear
> I highly recommend you buy them from RD Enterprises in San Diego (almost
> wholesale).  Their number is 619.444.9766.
> Duane
> San Diego