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Re: value of new P7s

True, except in x amount of years the coin may or may not be increasing in
value, while the P7's slowly start to disenigrate even if the rubber has
never touched the road. That may qualify as the double secret finite supply
rule. Wait a while and those tires will be worth less.

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From: quattro <quattro@acacianet.com>
Subject: value of new P7s

>With new P7s no longer available these tires and wheels are worth
>whatever the person that wants them the most is willing to pay to
>get them. This is normal supply/demand that applies in all markets
>where supply is absolutely finite, such as with rare coins and new
>P7s in the correct size for highly original ur-qs. I wonder if the set
>in question are P7s or the more correct P7Rs.....
>I know I Wish I had a [new] set!