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Re: Going Postal

In a message dated 98-04-08 21:58:01 EDT, you write:

>> I would gladly take that bet.  I doubt someone would have the confidence in
> rear driver.  Would you agree that quattro gives you higher confidence in a 
> street corner?  For instance being able to accellerate through the corner 
 >rather than just surviving it.  
Please, you haven't driven the M3 have you?  

  >The G-60s on my car will come close to equaling an m3 albiet without abs.
NOT a chance sir.  See above.  I haven't kissed the windshield on a 4kq with
G60's.  I have on an M3 without abs activation.  This is ego talking.  Reality
is that you are wrong.  Post up some numberage.  I've driven G60's on tqc's
with fade.  That isn't a adjective you usually use when you pump an M3 brake.
 >What extra awd weight?  My car weighs a slim 2800 lbs wet.  And where do you
 >get a bunch more power from?  My 0-60 is about 5-5.5 secs.  What about my
 >speeds?  Probably able to put the power down sooner and more of it.
Probably?  The M3 is 3100lbs and 0-60 is 5.2, a wash.  How's that chassis
balanced?  Brakes?  Your exit speeds aside, remember awd is weight until that
exit speed.  Not distributed properly either.  Your entry speed?  You give
G60's more credit than I do (and I own 3 sets btw)

> Stock 4kq I would certainly hope the m3 and 540 would take it.  But
 >an even lightly modded 4kq to a car that costs twice as much is ludicrus.
> spend half of the cost of the m3 and watch out.  For that you have a car
 >weighs a little less and hp to compete.  Can a 540 keep up in the corners I 
 >doubt it.  Maybe by the end of the straight.  I can accept that.  Compare
> to Alex's 20v with comperable hp in the 4kq.  Alex will wax smoke a 540 on a
 >clear hot day.
Well Alex showed up at RA last year, and was fast, was NOT the fastest.
Remember, the Lava Machine in full race dress has an MC motor in the 4kq
chassis, that's all full race ready stripped, and G60 brakes.  He's not
getting faster lap times than the M3.  Rode in both.  Sorry.  Even with 3
degrees negative camber and race rubber.  Alex and a 540i6? Wax smoke?  Hmmm,
maybe.  Better have some good brakes.  After lending him MY brake bleeder at
RA last year, me thinks it better not be too clear and hot.    

> Can you say daily driver?  What does he drive now?  I believe it was an
 >>In fact when I saw a listing of what famous race drivers were driving a few
 >years back there were more Audis than BMW.
Reality changes donnut?  WR drives what he's comfy in.  Audi?  Well theres a

 >I do not doubt the comprimises I just embrace them.  Bmw has plenty of its
> comprimises.
Yup, just more count as significant on the audis.  Objectively and
> I think the point is that maybe good drivers can compensate for the shift.  
> Could that be?  Not slamming your driving skills at all but would you not 
 >count that out?
No offense I claim nothing, you may want to ask around some regarding quattros
at speed.  Compensate?  Well, that is a best case scenario for a dumb absolute
traction device in a turn.  Compensating for Tshift is U-O-U in the same turn.
Not a set and forget exercise, you start steering for apexes you can lose more
than cornering speed, btdt.  Several btdt from others bitten resulted in non-
car events.  

> Not frustrating  just bloody fingered and bloodshot eyes. ;-)
Well, I'm seeing more ego than reality.  I didn't get an opportunity to get my
promised ride in Alex's 4kq20vt last year.  I do remember seeing him use my
brake bleeder.  I do remember the reason for the non ride, clutch slipping.
So, before you go hanging your ego out here, understand the compromises are
just those.  And Brad with his M3 loaded a CD in his player and drove home.
Warrantee still valid, some brake dust to attend too.  Darn dashboard doesn't
have that audi luxury look tho...

Reality of your argument wanes.

Scott Justusson
'87 5ktqw
'86 5ktqw
'84 Urq