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Re: Weight a minute

I do not understand why this is not a fair comparison. What else was offereed in
the market for a sporty, semi-luxury mid-small sedan with AWD (please do not say
Subaru). Just because the BMW out performed the 90q they arent in the same league?
If I misunderstand, please correct me.


QSHIPQ wrote:

> After driving both, I don't think the 90q to the 325IX was a fair comparo.
> Why?  Apples to oranges in subjective and objective feel.
> So all those compromises add up to a "jeep"?  What, then sir, would you call
> the 90q?  And I suppose we could compare the resale value of that "jeep" to
> the 90q as well.  That "jeep" holds it's value better than a 91 200tq.
> Calling the 325IX a jeep, makes me think you have to call the 90q a first
> generation trooper, better yet, how bout that subaru pickup with rear
> jumpseats.
> Maybe, given the recent rwd successes, BMW looks at quattro as too many
> compromises.  A good decision?  Sure seems to be from every aspect except
> dashboard trim.  That is a compromise I suppose.
> Scott