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Putting a KiLLeR STeReO in my '93 100CSQ

Hey all,

	I was wondering what kind of speakers are in my car???  There are holes
for tweeters in the doors, but they aren't on or something...  Also what
are the sizes of the speakers in my car?  I'm replacing the head unit with
a Sony CDX-C680, and will replace the speakers with MB Quart's as soon as i
know the sizes!!!  Also my friend from my college is selling me his two 15"
PPI sub's for $300...  and his PPI 1200watt amp is included...  I will have
a killer stereo when finished, but i'd like to know opinions on my
idea's...  Also i need the speaker sizes, and if there is tweeters in the

Levent Cur
'93 100CS Quattro (Mine) 84,000 Miles (Mint)
'87 5000CS Turbo (Sister's) 194,000 Miles (Near Mint)
'83 Volvo 240 DL (Mine) 245,000 Miles (Close to Mint)