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Should I buy 86 5kcstq??

Hello all - new to the list and Audis, a couple of friends have them (93
100csq that I love and a 97 A4).  I currently have a 88 Celica All-Trac,
but I am looking to get a 4 door.  Since I am partial to awd vehicles I'm
thinking about purchasing an Audi Quattro of some sort.  I was leaning
towards a 91-94 100/90 cs quattros when I ran across an 86 5000 cs turbo
quattro.  It is a 5 speed that has the syncros blown out of 3rd gear,
sunroof etc - looked pretty well loaded.  It has ~118K miles on it ran fine
(except 3rd gear was a little problem), I heard a loud buzzing towards the
rear of the car (fuel pump??), all power windows worked fine except the
drivers side, and it seemed the center blower (defrost) would not turn off.
The paint was a little faded but the car was very straight.  The best part
was the price, I could get into it for ~$2000.  Now I understand that it
will need some work (I would not mind putting in another $2000 - $3000),
but don't want to spend $9K and still have junk.

So here is my problem - is it worth purchasing an older Audi, invest some
time and money to upgrade & personalize (wheels, chip, suspension) or spend
the $12-$15K on a newer version???

Thanks for any insight that might be out there.

Rich Burke

88 Celica All-Trac
88 McLaren Mustang
90 Nissan 300zx (hers...)
93 Jeep Cherokee