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Re: factory radio

You have a glovebox? The only things that fit into mine is a pair of
I wish it had the glovebox of my former '85 80 Type 81 *sigh*. The
term 'shoebox' would have been more correct. And behind the box, where
normally the A/C is, I had room to place the amplifier.

No way the CD-changer will fit under the passenger seat in those 2
Audis (at least not mine).

'91 90 Type 89

>I put mine in the glovebox...
>96 A4q
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>On Wed, 8 Apr 1998, Peter Plangger wrote:
>> GREAT idea with the CD changer. I mounted mine to the trunk side
>> rubber bands so it jumps less. But it's still sensitive to hard
>> driving. I'll try the shelf-solution on saturday, I've just been
>> in the car with a metre and I think it might fit.
>Wouldn't this invite more people to steal the unit, since it will be
>visible from the outside of the car?  I'd prefer to keep things as
>as possible.  My personal preference is to mount the changer either
>the passenger side seat, which, although it still may be *slightly*
>visible, would be harder to remove in a short time; or in the glove
>compartment.  I know that the Alpine units as well as the smaller
>units could fit in there.
>87 4kcsq
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