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RE: Door trim revised, removal

I replaced my 87 4KS door trim on the outside of the FR pass. door a
while ago.  What happened was that the front end started to come off and
every time I open the door, it would get jammed against the fender.  The
metal trim that was molded in the door trim then began to chip the paint
away.  Well, I started to panic because I was living in Ohio and it was
winter where the streets were bathed with salt.  So I paied about $100
to get a new trim from the dealer to replace the old trim.  

Anyway, to get to the point, I used a plastic puddy knife and the 3M
adhesive remover and chip as much of the old adhesive off as possible
(they were tough).  This way, I wouldn't damage any paint surfaces.
Just sharpen the plastic puddy knife when it gets dull.  The new trim
has the double adhesive tape on the side to the door.  So I make sure I
clean off the old adhesive off where the tape would stick to.  These
automotive grade adhesive tapes are pretty strong, although Bentlely
called for more adhesive.  

Before I remove the backing paper, I practice aligning the new trim to
make sure it lined up right and make sure it wouldn't jammed into the
fender (only one shot with it once the backing paper is off).  Anyway,
it's been 6 months and it's been fine.  Good luck!

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> Subject: 	Door trim revised, removal
> Okay it seems that my previous post on removing the door trim did not
> make 
> sense, Funny since I am only working on 5 hours of sleep. So here goes
> try 
> number 2
> I am removing the door bumper/trim on the outside of the door, I have
> the 
> trim off of the car but there are strips of rubber compound glue, that
> held 
> on the outside door trim, I cannot get this off.
> Joe