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Re: S6 alignment

It sounds like you are describing 'camber thrust', which is a common problem with high performance cars.  I'm not sure about the S6, or Audis in general, but on some cars it's possible to de-camber the front suspension a degree or two.  That should make the straight line handling a bit more predictable, at the expense of some cornering performance.  

I'm familiar with this phenomenon because when I set my Alfa Spider up for the track, with -2deg front camber, it handles great, but is kind of scary on the highway.  

Good Luck,
John Legelis

p.s. Try lowering the tire pressure a bit (but not too much, you don't want to bend a wheel in a pothole)

At 08:35 AM 4/9/98 -0700, you wrote:
>I've had our 1995.5 S6 wagon in for alignment twice to address "pulling"
>under certain conditions, but haven't gotten a satisfactory setting yet.
>I notice it the most on rutted (from studs/semi's) freeway lanes.
>Changing lanes is sort of like crossing the wake when water skiing (bear
>with the poor analogy).  There's resistance to changing at first, then
>the car sort of shoots out of the ruts and into the next lane.  I find
>that I'm fighting the car more than I think I should be under the
>I've been thinking that this is a front toe issue, but now I'm wondering
>if it might be caster.