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Still looking...plus auction results

Hi Q-listers:

Well, I'm 0 for 2.  The first 5KCSTQ I wanted got squashed by a tree, and
now the guy in Kenosha, WI decided he's not going to sell and hang on to
his pearl '88 5KCSTQ (thanks Keith Bidne for offering to go look).  So I'm
back to square one: anybody have any leads on a pearl '87-'90 5KCSTQ in
good condition?  I'm in Atlanta but willing to travel for the right car.
Have been combing traderonline but no joy so far...

Went to the public auto auction tonight and they had the usual clapped out
junk with a few interesting cars.  One was a very clean bright red 1987
4KCSQ w/ black interior.  Had the seats with the diagonal Quattro stitching
on them.  Ran very well, ended up selling for only $1700.  If I was looking
for a 4KQ, I would have snapped it up.

Oh well, back to the want ads.  Let me know if anyone knows of any pearls
among the swine <sheepish grin>.